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Apart from being the hub for art and culture, there is another factor that bring them all under one roof - entertainment. The pink city never fades is colour when it comes to movie watching and enjoying with friends and family. People gathered in a cinema hall give their full undivided attention on their screen, which makes it a great platform for advertisements. releaseMyAd@Jaipur helps you to choose between the best theatres and screens such as Inox, Fun Cinemas, Big Cinemas, etc. Your ad can be experienced with the great sound quality and an ambience which no other media form will give. We even allow you to pick particular movies if you want to target a particular demographic of people. Mute slides, slides with audio and video campaigns make your brand come to life on the silver screen.

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Why advertise in Cinema Theatres in Jaipur


In a major metropolis as big as Jaipur, the audience reach is naturally tremendous. If you want to capitalise on a huge mass of audience's welcome frame of mind at a time when they are bound to attentively see your advertisement, then releaseMyAd is the best friend you were waiting for.
Cinema advertising in Jaipur becomes cakewalk and extremely effective when you join hands with RMA to take care of all you requirements because where there is an advertising requirement, there is releaseMyAd right next to you. We proceed like you want us to and advertise the way you'd like us to so tarry not and dial those numbers right now. We are just a few digits away from addressing all your requirements.

ReleaseMyAd helps you to effortlessly conduct a cinema advertising campaign in Jaipur at the most affordable prices. Moviegoers are the best sort of audience given that they are invariably in such good mood. They actually do want to see everything that is shown on the grand big screen We let you capitalize on this for one full week at a stretch at least. It provides an opportunity for you to bring your brand under the spotlight on the cinema screen where you are sharing space with leading Bollywood and Hollywood production houses. Your task is to articulate your desires on how you want the visuals to be, whether you want audio scores in the background or not etc etc. It is our responsibility to give it effect. You have your options open. you could opt for Mute Slides or you could opt for Audio Slides. The choice is all your's and it is our command. We do what you want us to do and we do everything it takes to make your ad campaign a grand success

How to Book an Ad in Jaipur Cinema Theatres?


ReleaseMyAd Cinema helps you to book an Ad in Jaipur Cinema screens Online through following given steps. You need to:

  1. Choose your preferred location,Theatre Brand and Advertising type
  2. Select the Mall and Audi you want to advertise in.
  3. Compose the Ad, Select the Date and Make Payments.

You need to book your ad at least 7 days in advance. Our experts will handle your Cinema Ad to generate efficient results. Your Ad in Inox would help you to accomplish your objective of driving plenty of traffic towards your brand.
Ring us up on 919038015241 to create opportunities for your business as soon as possible. Why wait a moment? Lets get started right away. You are in reliable hands because your profit is our only priority.

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